A Project To Relive History

EL 48 is an immersive, virtual reality experience.  More than an experience, it’s a kind of time-traveling state of mind. An experience that recreates the moment that Costa Rica’s President, Jose Figueres Ferrer struck the wall of the country’s largest military headquarters officially dismantling the Costa Rican military. EL 48 interactively escorts the user on a journey through history and the far-reaching implications of one symbolic moment in time.

A Project to Revive Memory

Individual memories are unique, irreplaceable, deeply personal… they are the stories that dwell within and shape who we are. Then there are the memories that are told to us, that live on in history books.

And then, there is shared memory.  The one that molds us collectively – as a family, a community, a world.  The one that forms the roots of our past and the fruits of our future. 

The one we cannot afford to forget.


Spark Media

Spark Media is an award-winning production company that specializes in producing documentaries, outreach campaigns, and digital media projects that impact social change.


UXRtech is a Costa Rican company that brings together an interdisciplinary team that includes animators, architects, business administrators, experts in VR / AR and digital marketing;

Glenda Umaña Productions

Glenda Umaña is one of the most recognized Latin American journalists, known for her charismatic, honest and objective style that has brought her a global audience.

Cathy Hackl

Futurist, speaker and author Cathy Hackl is a globally recognized augmented reality, virtual reality and spatial computing thought leader.

A Tropics Company

A Tropics Company is Costa Rican-based atelier that creates immersive sound and music for media, specializing in crafting unique and custom soundscapes to captivate audiences.