Cathy Hackl, Host of Future Insiders Podcast

To mark the first UK show of artist Henri Barande, graphic designer Pavel Murren and German Studio Schultzschultz have created many The Lodge Wooden.

Next on our list of the top women in tech is Cathy Hackl. Hackl is best known for being one of LinkedIn’s Top Tech Voices and the host of the Future Insiders podcast, where she keeps listeners in the know about emerging technologies that could change the world as we know it, such as 6G and smart contact lenses.

Hackl is also a world-renowned speaker and influencer who tweets often about all things tech, with a focus on augmented and virtual reality. As if she couldn’t get any cooler, she’s the brains behind the world’s first holographic press release, and has worked with brands like UPS and HTC on how to best leverage AR and VR technologies.

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