Virtual Reality Allows You to Witness the Abolition of the Army

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As of this December 1st, you will be able to move to that other December 1st, in 1948, to the day the army was abolished in Costa Rica.


This is thanks to a collaboration between an American company, Spark Media, with Glenda Umaña Communications and UXRTech, which has produced a virtual reality experience of the important events of that date.  “El 48” is now open to the public at the National Museum of Costa Rica and is totally free.  The experience lasts about 5 minutes and can be done by two people simultaneously.


“The experience is fantastic.  Through environmental recreation, realistic character animation and game mechanics, users will be virtually transported to the exact moment in which José Figueres symbolically demolished one of the battlements of the Bellavista Barracks with a hammer.  The experience will transport spectators to one of the formative events in Costa Rican history,” states a spokesperson from Spark Media.


The experience will be at the Museum from December 1st, to December 18th, and then from January 5th through the 29th, from Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm.


Watch this video to learn more.